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General Rules

General Rules Revised 2023

1. Membership per annum £10 Full Member. Owners under 16 are offered free membership but do not have the right to vote.

2. The club reserves the right to withdraw the membership of any owner using obscene language or threatening behaviour etc, at any club or open event at Stockton Whippet Racing Club.

3. Members only allowed running in Trophy events. Unless otherwise stated in advert.

4. At all events those agreed officials will be expected to take up their appointed duties.

5. The club shall not be held responsible for any loss or damage incurred or any injury received at their events.

6. In the event of the club ceasing to operate all the monies held by the club shall be frozen for a period of 5 years until another suitable site can be found. Failure to do so during the allotted time all monies will be given to a canine charity agreed by the trustee’s.

7. Any whippet disrupting racing on three occasions shall be suspended and can only return to racing after completion of three clear trails at the handicapper’s discretion.

8. Any member found to be interfering with their dog’s performance by using drugs etc, or running with a purposely incorrectly fitted muzzle will be suspended. Dogs can be checked before they enter the traps by the trap man, his decision will be final. any dog not conforming to these rules will not be allowed to run, any decision to ban the dog will be adjourned until the following committee meeting, when the owner will be allowed to give his/her version of any incidents. The member, meanwhile will not be allowed to run at any club or open event at Stockton Whippet Racing Club

Racing Rules

1. Whippet limit none, No full Greyhounds will be accepted, dogs of unknown origin a decision to allow participation will be taken by the committee.

2. All whippets to be allowed three runs at the Club before membership are requested.

3. All races to be over 150 yards, 160 yards or 170 yards.

4. Muzzles Compulsory, any whippet finishing a race with its muzzle incorrectly fitted will be disqualified and placed last. Disqualification results in no handicap lift being awarded.

5. Whippets to wear either Jackets or colours. Dogs not starting the race wearing correct colours will be placed last. All owners to supply own colours.

6. All whippets to be ready at the trap area one race prior to their race.

7. Owners to be allowed to block off their trap fronts and use springboards. Once an owner uses one or both they are to be used weekly unless he/she notifies the handicapper that he no longer intends to use them again. Any dog doing so may be re-handicapped at the handicapper’s discretion.

8. Only one dog per owner allowed in the trap area.

9. Any dog deemed by the judges to have caused deliberate interference in a race by fighting or otherwise, will be taken out and the race re-run.

10. The judge’s decision will final.

11. All dead heats will be re-run (unless the clerk of the course deems that both dogs can go through to the final).

12. A race will be re-run in the event of a mechanical failure deemed by the judge to be detrimental to the performance of a whippet in the race.

13. Order of running for cross heats and semi-finals etc, to be straight down card.

14. There will be a maximum of a twenty yard gate at all times, if a dog is off minus, traps will be moved forward to scr mark and others marks adjusted accordingly. (when marks allow for this)

15. In scratch racing heat winners will be redrawn for finals seeding will be taken into consideration.

16. Dogs allowed to be seeded.

17. Any bitch coming into season will not be allowed to run in the handicap for three weeks and will return on the mark it held from its last run. Adjustments for scratch dog taken into consideration by the handicapper only.

18. Red trap will alternate each week from left to right

19. Any other decisions or rulings not covered to be at the committee’s discretion.

20. Any one returning damaged trophies will be expected to pay for their repairs

21. Dogs will be timed in ready to race. Missing three meeting will mean the whippet has to re time in.

22. All dog owners to be held responsible for picking any dog dirt after their dogs.

23. 8 dogs or less turning up to race will result in winner takes all final and above this figure will result in first and second being paid only, unless handicap entry exceeds 24 dogs in which case third place will be paid.

24. Heat wins remain on their mark unless it is a winner takes all final; two consecutive heats wins results in one yard lift.

25. Trials on arrival you must enter your dog/bitch for a trial with the official taking entries. Cost £1.00 per trial.

Stockton on Tees Whippet Racing Club.

Established 1967 Tilery Playing Fields.