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Stockton on Tees Whippet Racing Club.

Established 1967 Tilery Playing Fields.

Nsch Mad Hatter

Left: Kath Turnbull holding Wishy

Breeding: Rch Maddison x Ice Princess Ghd.

Mad Hatter owed and trained by Mick & Kath Turnbull

Given to Mick as a pet to keep their other dog from the litter company. Wishy was born with a slight defect pin hole in his eye and breeder Malcolm Clarke refused to sell him. When Mick collected his pup later know as Simply the Best he asked Malcolm could he take Wishy. Malcolm agreed but would not take any payment.

Later his eye healed and never bothered him again Wishy became the fastest in this litter and won many No limit scratch races up and down the country.

Breeder: Malcolm Clarke. from Stockton.

Rsch/Rbch/Nsch/Nbsch CASINO

Left: Mick Turnbull and Bluey

Breeding: Rch Maddison x Homebird Ghd

This dog was the most versatile Scratch dog any Stockton Wrc member has owned and out stripped all of his most famous litter brothers & Sisters.

This litter included such greats as Rsch/Rbch Buffalo Bill, Rsch/Nsch Son of A Bitch, Nsch Stormbird and Rbch/Nbch Evita, Nbch Hob Goblin and many more.

This dog knew exactly were the finish line was and often just did enough to steel races on the line a judges nightmare.

Breeder: S Boothroyd from Brighouse

Rsch / Nsch Matchpoint

Left: Malcolm Clarke with Tess.

Breeding: Rch Maddison x  Black Widow Ghd

This bitch was the first  ever whippet  to win the BWRA 36lb Scratch title. Reared in Hull until 10 months old and became to difficult to handle by the then owners Malcolm bought the bitch.

It was soon after the bitch was winning open races her trapping ability was second to none often being asked to go back to the box’s believed to have had a fast trap.

Malcolm still says it is the fastest bitch he has ever trained.

Breeder: Brian Shaw from Cumbria.

 Nsch Stormbird

Left: Mark Edmundson with Stormbird.

Breeding: Rch Maddison x Home bird Ghd

Stormbird was another from this famous Homebird litter and won many scratch races for Mark.

Travelling with Mick & Kath Turnbull he was always competing with his brother Casino who always had the edge.

Stormbird was a complete natural and gave Mark some great days out Racing.

Mark still attends the club from time to time and one day hope to acquire another like this lad.

Breeder: Steve Boothroyd from Brighouse.

Rsch/ Rbch Buffalo Bill

Left: Leslie Lynch & Kate with Buffalo Bill

Breeding: Rch Maddison x Homebird

Buffalo Bill is another from this famous litter to grace Stockton Wrc Track.

Trained by Joe Lynch our resident Trap man.

Joe and Leslie love their Scratch dogs and have owned some very good dogs such as

Rsch/ Nsch Son of a Bitch, Rsch/Nsch Son Of A Bitch, Rbch/Nbch/Nch Desperate Dan and Dennis the Menace.

Breeder: Steve Boothroyd from Brighouse.

Rsch/ Nsch Son of A Bitch

Left: Joe,Leslie & Kate Lynch

Breeding: Rch Maddison x Homebird

Another from this famous litter to grace Stockton Wrc Track.

Trained by Joe Lynch.

Joe ,Leslie  & Kate have supported Stockton Wrc for many years and are asset to the Club.

Always there when you need help.

Breeder: Steve Boothroyd

from Brighouse.

Sup Rsvch/Rsch Springwell Ruby

Left: Steve Bell

Breeding: Rch Wor John x Deenside Secret.

Another from this famous litter to grace Stockton Wrc Track. Litter sister to    

Love lock down, Springwell Rose, Secret Spot & Wor Secret All top class open racers

Trained & Bred: By Steve Bell.

Breeder: Steve Bell from Hartlepool.